webRTC P2P Video Calls

webRTC website plugin

Coms' webRTC plugin brings video chat to any application's logged-in users.
From an embedded Call button in the app, Coms Meetings open in a web page.
The app or website hosting Coms provides its member's name and contact list for each connection, Coms manages connectivity for each micro-community.
To integrate Coms in a website or app, 2 things are necessary:
  • Develop logical Call button functionality, build it into your UI.
  • Include Coms webRTC plugin javascript in your html 5 page.
    Your call buttons open a page or iframe with Coms chat window ready to connect with your user's circle of contacts.
    Coms webRTC meetings run in browser windows controlled by the calling app and do not effect the function of the calling app at all.
    Support - We help you with everything - live assistance with voice, video and screenshare.
    Coms Call Buttons
    Coms Call buttons send 3 parameters: Your Customer Id (cid), the user's name (uid), and a list of people the user can connect to during the chat sesssion (circle).
    Demonstration - You need two devices - your PC and your phone, for example.
    Open a browser in each device, go to in one and in the other.
    In this demo, simulates your https url and shows how the webRTC application at is run from within a containing browser or app at a different domain.
    When called from your app, every user who starts a call creates a session which accommodates up to 6 participants, all disappearing conversations facilitated by
    CSS brand-matching, white-labelling - full style-configurator tool coming soon - match Coms webRTC plugin to your brand.
    Get Started
    Log in, and go to Settings, register and confirm your email address. Now you're elligible for one month's live human support. Support needs to activate a back-end for you.
    Call Craig or Support anytime from Open Meeting Rooms
    See also: Help
      Coms uses webRTC mesh technology for video conferencing. In webRTC (Real Time Communication), the webserver establishes direct peer-to-peer connections with true end-to-end encryption between all the browsers in a call but does not participate in the call itself.
    webRTC meshes can be quite heavy on your browser, so maximum 6 meeting participants is advised. Any service which connects more than a handful of users in a video conference is using a media server where end-to-end encryption may be broken - thinking small groups is the best way to use webRTC.
      Connections in calls feature the peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted messenger, accessible via the icon in the menu. Messages are sent to all meeting participants.
      Close or refresh your browser to leave a meeting.