webRTC P2P Video Calls

Secure Video Conferencing

Coms connects browsers together in end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer voice & video calls, secured away from the world of cookies and surveillance-algorithms.
Coms Calls connect people in Private or Open meeting rooms.
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Private Video Conferences

  Private meetings are always scheduled, and entry requires an invitation-link.
  To set up a private video conference, use Coms' Meeting Scheduler to specify the meeting title, topic and start-date & time, be sure to set the meeting Private, then Save. The Meeting Scheduler prepares an (editable) invitation message containing a clickable link. Use Send Link to send the message to invitees by email or by SMS (on Chrome for Android), or you can copy it and send using your preferred messenger. Invitees do not need to register at Coms - they can enter the meeting by clicking the link.
In support of "Regenerative Social Media", we foster conversations between anyone and everyone. Coms enables you to host open meetings which anyone can join. We use this method to invite chats with Support, others use it to hold open discussions about anything at all. Anyone can join open meeting rooms.

Open Video Conferences

  Open meetings are normally spontaneous, but they can also be scheduled.
  To start an open meeting room, enter meeting title and topic then Start Meeting. Links to open meetings appear in a list on the Coms home page and on the Open Meeting Rooms page. Anyone can join at any time, and all connections end when the host closes the meeting.

webRTC Secure Video Conferencing

  Coms video conferencing uses webRTC mesh technology. The webserver establishes direct peer-to-peer connections with true end-to-end encryption between all the browsers in a call but does not participate in the call itself.
Coms also features a peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted messenger, accessible via the icon in the menu. Messages are sent to all meeting participants.
webRTC meshes can be quite heavy on your browser, so maximum 6 meeting participants is advised. Any service which connects more than a handful of users in a video conference is using a media server where end-to-end encryption may be broken.
Close or refresh your browser to leave a meeting.