webRTC P2P Video Calls

Schedule Video Conferences

Coms has two video conference modes - Private and Open.
Private meetings must be scheduled, Open meetings can be scheduled or started immediately.
Open meetings can be entered by invitation or via the Open Meeting Rooms page.
Private meetings can only be entered with the invitation link-and-passcode.

Scheduled Video Conferences

Scheduled meetings can be private or open.
Select Meeting Scheduler from the site menu.
Click New, select Private or Open meeting, enter short Title and Topic, set time and date, then Save.
Timezone offset from GMT is automatically set to the timezone on your device, but you can change that if you need to. Everyone sees meeting times in the local timezone on their device.
The Meeting Scheduler contains a list of all your future meetings. Use the Cancel button to cancel a meeting and the Copy Link button to put the meeting URL into your system clipboard. Send that to people you want to invite to the meeting.
Browsing to that URL shows this on the home page:
The timer counts down every second until the Join the meeting button appears ...
Close or refresh your browser to leave a meeting. When the meeting host leaves, the meeting closes for everyone.
Use the Send Link button to open the meetings-invitation dialog. A message is already prepared, and you can edit it if required before sending.
Invitations can be sent by email or - on Chrome for Android - by SMS message. Type in the invitee's email address, or hit Invite by SMS to select a phone contact, then hit Send.
Alrenatively, Copy text to your clipboard and paste it into any messenger you prefer.

Open Video Conferences

Open meetings can be scheduled, or they can be started immediately.
Select Start an Open Meeting from the site menu.
Type in the meeting topic and hit Start Meeting.
The Join an open meeting button appears on everyone else's home page, showing a list of all open meetings, ongoing and/or scheduled. Anyone can join.

In the Meeting Room

The meeting room menu has the following functions:
  Open / Close the site menu.
  Open / Close the messenger.
  Start / Stop your webcam.
  Start / Mute your microphone.
  Start / Stop sharing your screen.
  Show / Hide the Open Meetings list.
Incoming video panes in the meeting room have Full screen buttons at top-right, beside the person's name. Meeting hosts also see the button - if neccessary, use this to expel someone from the call and prevent them from re-entering.