webRTC P2P Video Calls

Renenerative Social Media

'Regenerative social media' describes a communications and online interactions landscape where civility, interest and respect flourish, free of noise and surveillance-based ads.
'Regenerative social media' seeks to transform the ambience from harmful to helpful.
  • Civility: Unkind or destructive behaviour is frowned upon.
  • Interest: Engage in matters of interest, leave others alone.
  • Respect: It costs nothing to be respectful, being otherwise can cost everything.
    Coms provides options for video calling, private messaging and social interaction, in secure environs completely disconnected from big-data's surveillance technology.
    Coms Meetings are disappearing conversations - they exist as encrypted data-transfers between connected browsers in a call, then they completely disappear, become nothing. No records were made, nothing was logged.
    'Regenerative social media' is re-thinking free-speech
    Exchanges between two or more people in a group, in real-life, are limited in size and exist only while they're happening. Coms Calls work in exactly the same way.
    Just as everyone's free to say what they want when they meet in person, so it is in Coms Calls - small, live groups, designed to be discreet.
    With this approach, Coms enables everyday interactions between people while limiting spread and scope to what one might experience in real life.
    Coms Social Media Options
    Pure P2P E2EE
    Pure peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted, voice / video / data channels - (disappearing conversations).
  • - three in one
    Pure P2P E2EE+MOS (Messages Over Server), encrypted messages stored on server until next connection.
    Calls up to 6 people, stream from camera, screenshare, video file. Recording and Auto Answer.
    'Regenerative Social Media' - a safe social network disconnected from surveillance ads and algorithmic influence - an ethical and safe space for authentic and positive social discourse..
    Incidently, Coms's running in your web-browser means that it's subject to the browser's security and permissions protocols, which far stricter, secure and controllable than those which govern native apps.
     Coms uses webRTC mesh technology for video conferencing. In webRTC (Real Time Communication), the webserver establishes direct peer-to-peer connections with true end-to-end encryption between all the browsers in a call but does not participate in the call itself.
    webRTC meshes can be quite heavy on your browser, so maximum 6 meeting participants is advised. Any service which connects more than a handful of users in a video conference is using a media server where end-to-end encryption may be broken.
  also features a peer-to-peer end-to-end-encrypted messenger, accessible via the icon in the menu. Messages are sent to all meeting participants.
     Close or refresh your browser to leave a meeting.